Radium 2.8

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Tired of using iTunes to listen to internet streams? Tired of
visiting annoying websites in search of the elusive "Listen Now"
link? So is everyone else. Radium consolidates all your
internet streams into a simple, non-intrusive, super-fast,
convenient interface. But wait! There's so much more.

Listen to Your Favorite Radio Stations

Already have some internet radio stations you like?
Great. Radium comes with 2000+ built-in channels, updated
automatically every day. If you like a channel, Radium probably
has it. If not, you can let us know and we'll add your favorite
channel in a flash.

Discover Music

Tired of listening to your favorite radio stations? No
problem. Radium comes with a powerful search, which lets
you search for streams by country, language, genre, and
discover new music using a simple, Spotlight-like interface:
Feel like chilling? Search for "chill"
Want to hear what they listen to in Denmark? Search for "denmark"
Like listening to French talk? Type "french talk" into the search
Do you enjoy Smooth Jazz? Search for "smooth jazz"

...and Radium does the rest.

Members-Only Streams Work Too!

Are you subscribed to a members-only streaming service, like
XM/SIRIUS or DI.fm? Radium can connect to those,
too. Just enter your user name and password, and you're good to
go. If we missed a members-only network, let us know and we'll
add it.

The Rest Goes Without Saying

Of course, Radium also lets you:
Save your favorite channels
Set and use global keyboard shortcuts to control
playback and other stuff
Learn more by reading Radium's comprehensive help

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